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Photo: Gabriel Kuchta (Getty Images)

There’s no doubt that the zoos’ livestream project has captivated the internet. I mean, that chimp holding a half-eaten coconut while it gapes at the screen is pretty much me whenever there’s a new plot twist on Betty in New York (it’s a telenovela, folks, so this is a frequent occurrence). Sans coconut, unfortunately.

However, zoo officials stress that the “Chimp Zoom Call” is not only an interesting project, but a call for help. Dvůr Králové affirms that it has been closed since spring 2020, with almost no support from the Czech government. On its website, the zoo includes a link for donations for people who wish to help it support its chimps.

“The financial situation of every zoo in the country is getting more and more serious every day and the project is willing to show that despite being closed, the life in the zoo has to go on. The animals need daily care and food no matter what,” Dvůr Králové officials said in a statement.

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